Rang Ja

Rang Ja Fashion Brand LogoRang Ja? As the name suggests look like Holi colors. But this is a brand name. Is it impressing hmm?. This brand is a new brand and has created a buzz in the market of the fashion industry.

Pakistani Industry of Fashion has grown very well in past few days and Ranj Ja playing a role of Fashion Designer.

Beautiful models were seen flaunting volume-full clothes, Pakistani & Indian dresses, with different designs & shares in frocks but Rang Ja has showcased a new variety of design every time. As compared to the color contracts Rang Ja is the winner.

As a creative fashion designer, Rang Ja does not stop at that point where he was. He launches many designs by after one.

Najila Khan

I am professional writer and fashion is my passion. I am engaged with fashion industry since 10 years and my blog represent my work and time with fashion industry.

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